Health is kinda crap, Mental and Physical. But got a phone call this afternoon from Laser Clinic.

Had nearly a week of the dreaded screaming nightmares. And if not a nightmare the most weirdest dreams like EVER. Im really tired physically. The weather has not helped as it has been mostly foggy, drizzle, and just shit. Legs have been aching and the old burning sensations are back. Lack of exercise I guess, as I have become lazy and uninterested again.

Been keeping myself busy flashing Oreo custom firmware to my Note 4. Its amazing what these peeps can do. And yes they are safe to use! Downloaded all the latest versions of Apps I use, Wink Wink. Now I am wiping and reinstalling Windows 10 in my Gaming PC. It is going for sale !! 😪😪😪😪 It has been collecting dust for the last 10 months or so. I just do not have the wherewithal to play games anymore. And I had downloaded 1.5gb of games to test out too !! Wink Wink.

So it will go on sale tomorrow. I think I will put it up fot £500. May take a while and I may take a lil under in offers. Ive decided I have other things to be doing rather than laying on the bed playing games. Plust I am going to trade in my Note 4 and get a new Samsung S3. A much larger screen. I use my phone such a lot now keeping up with my Social Media, Twitter, Facebook, Whastapp and Elefriends, as well as Emails. A bigger screen would be so nice. I have my Dell laptop to fall back on. It has a gorgeous 17 inch screen, but, at midnight ish, its a tad heavy. So a new larger Cellular Tablet will be awesome.

Anyway, back to the blog. I will update it later in the week.

I forgot to email my Care Coordinator last night to see how referral for Facial Hair treatment was going.

Was busy this morning with the VAX and washing the kids camper van seating. Missed a phone call. Checked the voice mail and it says that funding has been received and could I call them back to arrange an appointment!


Flippying Yayy Woo Hoo. But then Ohhh Shittttt !!!

I will look like Desperate Dan FFS !!


I have an appointment on Weds (22nd) at 12 noon for a patch test and chat. I will have to go there unshaven and the thought of it is freaking me out. I’m sure she said that it is recommended not to shave for a few days before the visit. I will double check with her tomorrow morning about that. I have not shaved today as did not feel well enough to until this afternoon. I was busy anyway until i had my shower.

I am going to have my treatment with Aesthetic Solutions Ltd, in Truro !


Found out how to get there on Googy Maps. Wont take long to get there if traffic is kind. But I will leave about 11.15 to do the 20 min journey to allow for said traffic.

Meanwhile back in the bedroom. I;ve gone for a more feminine nail colour.

Whatchya think o this cute colour??


If the Laser Blasting does not work I guess I will be the baddest, butchiest Bitch out there. Ill have to look the part to play with my Flame Thrower!!

Iconic Desperate Dan Shaves Image


Update Thu 30th Aug


I had no reaction to the patch test. One week later, Yesterday, I had my first Laser treatment to try and kill off the facial hair crap. May not work, but I have to give this a go, as my face is my second thing I feel like ripping off. Mainly due to hair, ok beard and moustache stuff (shit)!.

I am not a hair person and it is quite easy to shave all the body. But…being and adult born with Testosterone poison, at my age my facial hair is rather prickly. Grrrr

I did feel a little more comfortable going for this appointment. But, the old anxiety and stress was there. I even felt like not going. Do I really deserve this expense and treatment? One of the questions always going round and round in my head.

But I consider myself quite intelligent, and have so many experiences. It will probably help me on my journey to be happy with myself becoming more of whom I am in my heart and soul. Before anyone argues the toss – Yes I know! Not a real woman but my own version of one. Women are not all the same and some do shave later in life!

We are no longer Apes, and have the right to be rid of hair that if not controlled would make us look like one.

Anyways, that is beside the point!

They staff at Aesthetic Solutions are amazing. Understanding, considerate and most helpful. They make me feel at ease being there, where it is something I feel out of place and uncomfortable in. Men do go there and I do not know if Trans are already visiting, but being me, in my head, I feel the freak of the place.

The young lady who did the actual lasering stuff, is awesome. She really does make me feel it is normal for me to be there. She keeps me updated on every step of the way, and is so considerate and gentle. I only had two bad bits during the 40 min session. On my upper lift and right under the chin. OUCH! But nothing to moan about as the procedure itself can cause some uncomfortable places. Next appointment is in a months time, as we wait for the hair follicle stuff to cycle.  I came away feeling rather pleased with myself that I actually did attend. Despite my reservations about the costs etc, I am keen to get on with what life I have left to help others. But I so know this may not be a total success, but as long as it can reduce my self esteem then I am all for it.

Then that just leaves Surgery!  And I can’t wait for that 🙂




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