Purple is so meeeee

I have dyed my hair with a Schwarzkopf Live Ultra Violet. It is stunning.

OK! My hair is crap and still growing out. And yeah! its untidy.

But who cares? Not me. The colour is stonkingly gorge and I love it. I cannot get a decent photo though, as the pictures just show it more a red violet than purple. And trust me, I am so frikkin purple I rock!

So here is kind of how it looks touched up a little with various filters to try and get the colour to show:40325374_132692544338170_3340450800609525760_n

Found some gorgeous nails too. Mine are still crap and breaking after all my decorating and gardening in the summer.

The are by Elegant Touch and called Violet Vixen (I love this name!) Maybe It is time to ditch the Dark part of my name (Dark Kat) and become Violet Kitten?? I like it but not sure if it is totally me being the way I am physically? Mehhh  Violet Kat may do. Got these in ASDA. They are Stiletto nails, but I do not like that shape so have trimmed. Makes typing a whole lot easier anyway!




They have lifted my MH mood somewhat. I kind of feel more “me”. But I so know I have along way to go. Wish me luck xxooxx🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄💪💪💪



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